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                         7 Memorable Wedding Night Gifts for your Spouse

Your wedding night is near but don’t know what to gift your significant other? Shaadi Season knows that gifts are never too important to express your love but they can sure make the other one feel loved and special.

Wedding night marks the beginning of your new adventure. Why not make it worthwhile? Gifts are sure another way to express your pure gratitude towards your significant other. No matter the amount and no matter the size, gifts stick that gorgeous smile on their faces. To make it a perfect experience you should put a lot of thought into the gift as you might end up misjudging your spouse and gifting him/her the gifts which are out of their element.

Shaadi Season has listed quite a lot of wedding night gift ideas for your spouse to concur this mishap.

Couple Wedding Night Gift Ideas

  1. Handwritten Letters with a Rose

How about going back to the 90s? The period of shayaaris and pigeon messengers! Handwritten letters are the best way to express your feelings for your loved one. Handwritten letters are the most intimate gift idea. Letters can express your pure and raw intentions towards your significant other by just mere words. It can make them teary eyed and feel loved just by your touch of words. Red Rose will be a cherry on top!

  1. Promise rings

‘I promise to be with you forever.’ Promise rings are a huge hit with the couples as they are the sweetest gesture of love. You can engrave your date of marriage on the rings to give meaning to the promise rings. The rings can hold power and gratitude with a lot of love when they are engraved with a personal touch. Never forget the anniversary again!

  1. Wine for a wedding night toast

For the wine enthusiast pair, wine can never be a NO. Nothing better than a glass of wine after a hectic day to celebrate the wedding night. Pop that wine in a glass and drink your night away. Raise that toast to a happy married life!

  1. Personalized Star Maps

This trending idea is so surreal for our gift list. You can gift the arrangement of the stars in the night sky at your wedding day. Unreal right? You can now see how the stars were beautifully aligned on your auspicious wedding night. There are numerous options available online to order your personalised star maps. It is a special thought to put together in a frame.

  1. Scented candles setting the tone

Scented candles are the safest bet to offer at a wedding night. They can pump up the ambience 1000x better than it was. You can change and uplift the mood as you like and to make that possible candles are available that would smell as per your liking. You can light up your night with an aroma wax. Romantic setting for a beautiful evening!

  1. Mr & Mrs Caps

The cute Mr. & Mrs. Caps are great for the newlyweds as a gift. Your good looking significant other can throw away some unwanted attention from the people who are infatuated by the good looks. You can proudly tell the whole world that you got hitched!

  1. Spa Session

Spa session after the hectic wedding days can be a stress buster for the couple. Gifting spa coupons are not only going to release the fizz but you can also get time for yourselves. Spending valuable time after marriage can be difficult thing to achieve with all your chachas, mamas and buas around. Spa is a terrific idea for a bonding session!


Bride Wedding Night Gifts Idea

  1. Beauty box

Every woman needs a beauty box at all times. You can never ever go wrong with a beauty box containing all the goodies for her! Purchase a cute boho vibe box and fill it with good quality beauty products as you won’t want her to go bald with these products. Conduct research about the brands that are trusted in the beauty community to prevent the gift turning into a blunder at such an auspicious day.

  1. Manicure/ Pedicure coupons/appointment


Surprise your queen with a distressing session of a manicure/ pedicure. This gift is a great way to show your affection and care to your gorgeous wife. You can purchase the coupons or fix an appointment with a great salon near your house or you can go to UrbanClap. Show her that you care!

  1. Footwear That She Doesn’t Own

Girls have a gang of footwears and they are never enough. It’s just like the guy’s equation with his shoes. They go crazy over a sandal which they don’t own but would always like to. Be sure to get her size and her taste right. As some girls prefer bold colours and some prefer soothing colours, some prefer strappy sandals and some girls like to keep it simple.


  1. Earrings for her Outfits

Jewels for your jewel are a great wedding night gift idea. You can gift a set of gold earrings or boho vibe earrings.  As earrings are added to every outfit, she will appreciate it.

  1. Style Statement Bags

Purses are a woman’s best friend. She carries her daily essentials in her bag. As per women, bags are a great way to add style and “oomph” to their outfits. Gifting her a purse that she wanted for a long time would make it an extraordinary memory to remember.

  1. Feed Her

To keep your girl calm you need to feed that empty stomach. Enjoy delectable dishes as your first dinner with your wife. Wedding ceremonies can be a lot to handle, especially Indian weddings! In the midst of celebration don’t forget to feed her which can also make a great wedding night gift.

  1. Stuffed Toy Companions

Women and her stuffed toys have been great companions since birth. Life sized teddy bears are great for a wedding night gift. You can spray your deodorant over it to make her feel like you’re there with her when you’re scratching your head in the office.

Groom Wedding Night Gift Ideas

  1. Feed Him

Of course men also need food! As the ancient tale goes, “The path to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” Your husband also needs a little pampering because in that tough shell lives a soft hearted man who also wants to feel special.

  1. Watch for Good Times

Watches are considered as a good omen. Watches as gifts bring good times in the life of the receiver. Be sure to get some personalised messages written on the straps of the watch to illustrate you as his good time.

  1. Grooming kit

Grooming kit is an essential part of a man’s life. Grooming kit is a man’s beauty box. Remember to purchase the grooming kit from a trusted brand as the products can have adverse effects.

  1. More Shoes For his Collection

A man loves his shoes as much as he loves his girl. So, gifting him shoes on the wedding night won’t be such a bad idea after all. But be sure of his tastes and sizes as most of them won’t shy away from keeping you in the loop of their thoughts.

  1. Wireless Bluetooth Earphone


Gifting a wireless Bluetooth earphone can not only be a great wedding night gift idea but can also save him from a mishap. He will have his hands on the wheels and not on the phone. Wireless Bluetooth earphone can make his drive a lot safer. He can pick the call with a click!

  1. Personalised Laptop bag

Tech savvy society has generated a great need for laptops and it has become a necessity for every working person. By adding his initials or a love note on the laptop bag can add meaning to an ordinary bag. He will carry a part of you with him always.


  1. You as Wallets

Every man has a wallet in his pocket at all times. Purchase a personalised wallet with a message written on it. The message can be anything you want it to be. These cute messages will always make him remember of you. You can be his strength sitting in his pockets. You will have a touch of your love in his pockets always!

                              “Gifting you my heart has never been so simple!”

                              Shaadi Season wishes you a Happy Married Life!

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