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On this day Women keep a day-long fast for their husbands and tie a sacred thread around the Banyan tree, hoping for the well-being of their husband and getting the same husband in their next lives.

Vat Savitri Vrat is one of the major days for the married Hindu women. Also known as Savitri Brata .

 Important Rituals Vat Purnima.

  • The main highlight of the Vat Pournima Festival is that the women observe fast through the night to the next morning.
  • The women observing Vat Pournima offer sweets and fruits in bamboo baskets to saints.
  • Women are required to wear traditional bridal attire along with jewellery to participate in Vat Pournima.
  • Women give water and apply red Kumkum powder on the Banyan tree and tie vermillion thread around its trunk.
  • They also sit in groups listening and reciting the legendary tale behind Vat Pournima.



Vat Savitri 2019 Puja Vidhi 

Women celebrating the festival will observe the religious fast. After taking a holy bath, women get dressed in colourful traditional attires, mostly sarees.  They also adorn their hands with henna (mehndi), wear jewellery, colourful bangles, decorate their hair with flowers, apply makeup and look their best. Getting ready for the festival is an important observance.

Carry the puja thali to a place with Vat or Banyan tree. Vat Savitri puja can be done alone, but mostly observed with several women together. After worshipping the tree, by applying vermillion, akshat, Chandan, flower, women tie the thread by taking seven rounds the tree. They offer fruits, Prasad and water to the tree and pray to the almighty to shower their blessings on your marital life. Ladies listen to the legendary story of Savitri and Satyavan. That’s how Vat Savitri Puja is done.


History of the Attraction

Vat Pournima came into existence after the legendary tale of how Savitri brought back her dying husband’s soul from the God of death, Yama. The legend goes that under a banyan tree, Savitri was nursing her dying husband when several of messengers of death came but had to return empty-handed because she refused to give him up.

Vat Purnima Festival

Finally, the God of death descended and asked for her husband’s soul. Seeing her devotion, he granted her a boon where she asked for the well-being of her in-laws family. When Yama was on his way with her husband’s soul, Savitri followed. Yama granted another boon to her where she asked for her well-being of her parents. Next, when Yama along with the soul of the husband was at the gate of Yama’s home, he saw Savitri still persisted on staying. On seeing this, he granted her a 3rd and final boon in which she asked for a son. Savitri then said that how would it be possible for her to have children without her husband, on seeing this irrefutable logic stuck in the paradigm of  Yama’s boon, Savitri returned to Earth with her husband.


What if you are not able to keep fast on Vat Purnima.

Do not feel Disheartened Ladies.If you are not able to keep fast because of any of the reasons you can simply read or listen the legendary story of Savitri and Satyavan and .Pray for the long life of your husband.

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