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                                    Ultimate Guide to Amazing Proposal Ideas

                                     Nervous to pop the question?

Proposals are one of the best memories for a couple that will be cherished for as long as they live. After shaking off all the jitters away its time to pop the question out of your mouth! Proposals are sure a great way to make your significant other feel loved and special. Thus, a lot thought should be put in before popping the question to your partner. Why not mark a beginning of new adventure with these amazing proposal ideas?

Extravagant proposals are a secondary thing with the right partner. Proposals should be a reflection of your love. It should contain the element of you and your partner. You can try to make it a picture perfect experience with these proposal ideas because who doesn’t love surprises after all! Shaadi season has curated amazing proposal ideas to erase all your worries away.

Cute Proposal Ideas by Shaadi Season

  1. Pet messenger

Dogs are a man’s best friend! Incorporate your pet in the proposal which will be the cutest idea ever! Sneak the ring on your pet’s snout when she will be petting him. Catch her by surprise with the help of an adorable being.

  1. Use the diwali lights!

Why use diwali lights only on diwali? Get them out of your cupboards and use them to spell out “will you marry me?” Surprise her when she’ll come back after a long tiring day. Don’t forget to turn the lights off!


  1. Bill it out!

You can choose a classy or a simple restaurant; it doesn’t matter for this one as the question will be hidden in the bill. Hide the slip saying “will you marry me?” in the bill book and ask her to check the amount while you act like you’re busy with taking out your wallet. As soon she sees it pop the ring box open! Remember to talk the whole plan out with the waiter.

  1. Back to where it started

Remember the place where you took her for the first date? You can take her back where everything started. The place where you felt all the first date jitters but even after everything you both have come a long way with a beautiful journey. It will be a great place to mark the beginning of your journey again!

Creative Proposal Ideas by Shaadi Season

  1. Lighting the flowers

This is a great in home proposal idea. You can decorate the path with rose petals and candles to direct your significant other, where you will be waiting kneeling down for them with a ring in your hand and four words on your mouth.

  1. Snow Prints

Snatch your significant other for a holiday getaway at a hill station. Search for a snow carpet around your stay in place. Once you find it, start craving “will you marry me?” and take her around for a stroll once you get it done.

  1. Beach Proposal

If you’re not a snow person then you can plan a holiday getaway at the beautiful beaches with the beautiful ocean for your beautiful significant other.


  1. Make your movie!

You can book a private theatre for just the two of you for this proposal idea.  Promise her a movie but instead roll the slideshow of all the cute pictures and moments you guys have shared together and end it with the ultimate question.

Unique Proposal Idea by Shaadi Season

  1. Parcel box

You can wrap a delivery box with the tape and fake invoice on her name like how it’s usually done to make it look more real. Put a paper saying “will you marry me?” in the box and put it outside the door. Tell her to go and pick her delivery from the door and pop that ring when she unwraps her box.

  1. Pop the balloons to pop the proposal

This is a fun and interesting way to propose her. If you’re a playful couple then this is a perfect idea for you. You will have to blow numerous balloons and slip the question in one of them. The basic rule of this game will be to see who pops the balloons the fastest and the winner can make the loser do anything s/he wants to for a day. But don’t forget to keep the special balloon on your partner’s side.

  1. Dumb charades guess the proposal


Remember the game where we used to guess the movies through acting it out? Boy! Time to bring back the kiddy games into play! Wait till the tone of the game is set then enact “Will you marry me?” and catch her by surprise!

  1. Fm radio

You can call up your partner’s favourite radio station and set the proposal plan. Start by dedicating his/her favourite romantic song to make sure s/he is listening to the radio then end song with the question “will you marry me?” 


Cool Proposal Ideas by Shaadi Season

  1. Hike the hill

Plan a hiking activity with your significant other and pop the question when you reach the top of the hill.

  1. Hot air balloon

Book a hot air balloon for just the two of you. Once you reach the top and are surrounded by beauty all around, kneel down and ask. She will fly with happiness, literally!


  1. Scuba diving

Proposing her in the water world isn’t such a bad idea after all. Plan out a scuba diving session with your significant other as it will be a calm and a beautiful place to be in at such an auspicious time. Propose her with the fishes!

  1. Karaoke night

Sing out your proposal at the karaoke night! You can choose the following songs to pop the question:

  1. Mujhse Shaadi Karogi – Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan
  2. Will you marry me? – Jonita Gandhi, Divya Kumar
  3. Marry Me – Jason Derulo

If have your proposal story comment down below as we would love to hear it!


                                             Don’t forget to take the ring!

                             Shaadi Season wishes you a Happy Married Life!


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