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                                   Simple DIY Haldi or Mehndi Decor Ideas!

                                                                         -Give the personal touch to your decor

Haldi and Mehndi ceremonies are the most fun times of the bachelorhood. The groom and bride are filled with marriage jitters yet are thankful for these auspicious times. The whole family is busy running around the house to make it the picture perfect experience.

How about adding a personal touch to your haldi and mehndi decor? Get all handsy with decorations this Shaadi season!

Shaadi Season has list down some creative and easy peezy DIY Haldi or Mehndi decor ideas. Add fun and some bucks to your function and your pockets!

  1. Earthen pot Candles

This is a tremendous way to have big bright candles at the low costs. You will need,

1) Earthen Pots 2) Leftover candles 3) Candle wicks 4) Poster paints or Acrylic paint

  • Paint the earthen pots with poster paints or acrylic paints. Make sure the colours look good together.
  • Wait for the paint to dry.
  • By the time the paint dries up, melt all the wax from the old leftover candles and pour them into the pots.
  • Before it stiffens up, place the wicks in the pot.

And there you have it! Light these pots up to brighten your haldi and mehndi ceremony!!

  1. Puppets Decor

The traditional Rajasthan Indian puppets have the beauty of its own and are an interesting haldi and mehndi decor idea. Using them as a part of your haldi and mehndi decorations isn’t such a bad idea after all. To achieve the perfect look, you will need

  • Puppets 2) Sturdy Strings (Optional) 3) Scissors

  • You can buy the gorgeous puppets from amazon.in under ₹
  • Hang up them wherever you like with the strings. There is no need to sew the strings as they have a hanging thread. Thus, you can just tie it with the hanging thread or tie it with the strings.

Just two steps to follow and you will have that instagram haldi and mehndi decor! Isn’t this so easy?


  1. Hoola hoop Flower Chandelier

Hola hoops are not only limited to the waist. You can use them to create cute flower chandeliers for your haldi and mehndi decoration. You can hang them up from the branches or the roofs. You will need

  • Hola Hoops 2) Flower Strings or Vines 3) Green Grass 4) Sturdy Strings


  • Tie 6-7 flower strings or more to hoop and leave them hanging.
  • Cover the hoop with grass and vines to hide it completely.
  • Tie the 4 sturdy strings to the hola hoop through which we would be able to hang them and the strings will keep the grass in place, preventing it from falling off.
  • You can add beautiful white lace or glass bulbs in between those flower strings.

These are some other ways to incorporate diwali lights and lanterns to the hola hoops. This is an easier way to win that captivating haldi and mehndi decor.

To make this look come to life, you will need

  • Hola hoop 2) Diwali Lights 3) Sturdy Strings
  • Hang the hola hoops with 4 strings tied to it.
  • Then put on the diwali lights vaguely on the hoop.

To make lantern hoop, you will need 

  • Hola Hoop 2) 10-15 Colourful Paper Lanterns in different sizes (for each hoop) 3) Sturdy Strings
  • Tie 4 strings to the hoop to hang it.
  • Tie the paper lanterns to the hoop in terms of your preferential heights for the lanterns.
  1. Jute Ball Hangings

This is a cute DIY idea for you haldi and mehndi decor.

To get this effortless beauty all you need is

  • Fevicol 2) Balloon 3) Jute Rope 4) Acrylic Paint
  • Dip the jute rope in acrylic paint of your own choice. Let it dry.
  • After the paint dries, dip it into fevicol.
  • Paste it around the balloon and let it dry.
  • Then deflate the balloon and the hanging is ready!


  1. The Bangle Boos

This is a very simple DIY. Like when we say simple, it’s literally the simplest. You will need

  • Mommy’s Bangles 2) Sturdy Strings 3) Fevicol 4) Gota Flowers
  • Steal your mother’s bangles because you will need them. A lot of them.
  • Tie the strings to the bangles to later hang them.
  • Paste the Gota flowers on the bangles, fully covering them and let it dry.
  • Hang them on the branches.
  1. Recycle the tires!

Tires can come in handy a lot more than you think. Tires are not only good on the roads but also great for your haldi and mehndi decor. Shaadi Season will show you how!

  1. Tire Seats!

You will need 1) Old Tires 2) Acrylic Paints 3) Circular Cushion seats

Colour the tires and after drying them put the circular cushion seats on them. Do remember to fill the hole as the guests might end up sinking in it. And we do not want that.

  1. Tirepots!

This is another way to decorate your haldi and mehndi ceremony with recycled tires. Get ready to take your haldi and mehndi decor few notches up by just recycling old tires. You will need 1) Old tires 2) Acrylic Paint 3) Flowers and Grass.

Colour the tires and let them dry. After it dries, decorate them with beautiful flowers.

  1. Use the Trees
  1. Hanging Bottles/Jars

You can use the famous and economical mason jars as hanging candle holders. On the other hand, you can also use glass bottles as flower pots for your haldi and mehndi decor. Fill the bottles with a little amount of water to keep the flowers fresh and hang them from the branches with a sturdy string!

  1. Hanging Ribbons

After purchasing the colourful ribbons, cut them and tie them on the trees to leave them hanging. Wait till the wind blows and you will see why this is one of the beautiful haldi and mehndi decor idea, it glows!


  • Leaves on the trees!

Use the wasted leaves or make new ones from the paper. After you have completed with the leaf part, glue them all together and a cute marigold flower at the centre to lift up the look. Stick everything on the trees, after it dries up. And not only you but your tree is also ready for the haldi and mehndi ceremony.


  1. Bangle candle stand!

Steal your momma’s bangles and glue them all together and here you go cheap, vibrant, different and sturdy candle stand in just few minutes. Light you haldi and mehndi decor with these homemade candles with your mama’s touch!


  1. Tented seats for your haldi and mehndi decor

To make these you will need

1) Any kind of fabric bought from the fabric supplier 2) 5 bamboos 3) Jute rope

You can follow the picture as it is an uncomplicated tent but remember to make it at least of 6 feet height as the guests will only sit on the seats and even if they would want to stand they will have the space to.


  1. Tassel Garland Roof

You will need 1) Lots of Yarn

Cut out 4 inches of yarn and from the middle, bend it and then tie the neck with a thread. There you have it! Cute Tassel Garlands to spice up your haldi and mehndi decor! Make as many you would like!

You can also sew the tassels but smaller in size, to the curtains to enhance the grace of the haldi and mehendi decor.


  1. Ribboned Paper Lantern

I know this a disco type of a ball but replace this disco ball with a paper lantern. Add humungous ribbons on top of it and leave the tails of the ribbons hanging to make it fancier.


  1. More Ribbons

Ribbons are a great part for haldi and mehendi decoration. The ribbons can be tied on the entrance with beaded chains or bamboo rings. It beautifies the first look for the guests.


  1. The DIY Curtains

You can get this look by purchasing chiffon cloth from fabric stores which will be much cheaper to you. Get a wooden or metal frame made and nail the clothes. If you want to add an extravagant look to your curtains, purchase the ethnic print umbrellas from amazon.in which you will find plenty under ₹3000.


  1. DIY Paper Fans Backdrops


  1. DIY Paper Fans

You will need

  • Craft paper/ Tissue Paper 2) Fevicol 3) Scissors
  • Fold small rectangular sections of the paper downward and then upward. Follow this until there is no space left on the paper for a fold. Remember all folds should of the same size.
  • Open the paper and paste the starting point and ending point to get the circular shape. If the paper falls short then you can make another paper fan and stick them together.


  1. Paper Fans and Ribbons

For this backdrop you will need Ribbons, Paper Fans, Pom poms and circular beads. Get a metal or wooden frame made or you can tie a rope across the two wooden logs. Tie those ribbons and the circular beads on the rope. Lastly, paste the paper fans on them.

                                            Doll up your function with like you!

                                  Shaadi Season Wishes you a Happy Married Life!









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