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                                             HOW TO: Sangeet and Mehendi Decor under 10,000k

                                                                                                                     -Cut your costs not your fun!

Sangeet and mehendi are some exciting and the liveliest ceremonies held before the final day. It creates great memories and is considered as the positive end of a beautiful bachelorhood. These days are the auspicious times for the Groom and Bride.

 It’s musical, messy and really filmy. As fun and chirpy as it seems, these ceremonies also empty you’re pockets to add a tint of panic for your bank balance.

We at Shaadi Season understand this and have come up with some interesting ways from which you can get that beautiful decor under 10k!

So, why not celebrate and have a blast even on a budget?

  1. Marigold Flowers are the best!

Marigold Flowers are cheapest of them all. They are gorgeous and best to give the traditional look to your ceremonies. Yellow and orange flower strings can be used together for a bright and attractive backdrop! Or you can decorate the trees with them to which you can also add some props! Great selfie corner it will be.



  1. Decorate your jhula with flowers

If you have a jhula at your house or you can rent one, you can add some yellow marigold flowers to remove the typical jhula look. It will incorporate your jhula without making it look out of place.


  1. Choose the colours wisely!

If the colours are chosen and combined wisely then it will make everything pop out even more without giving hints of being cheap at all! Great vibrant colours are the way to go.


  1. Steal your mom’s duppatas

The colourful curtains can be achieved by your mom’s duppattas. Open that closet and find what all you can use. If you don’t find some interesting ones don’t sweat as you can easily buy chiffon fabric from a fabric store at reasonable prices.







  1. Make Origami come into play

This is the cheapest way to create stunning and easy crafts to add a pinch of creativity and art to your mehendi and sangeet. It doesn’t only save few bucks but creates so many memories.

  1. Paper lanterns

You can get your hands on these darlings on amazon.in at very reasonable prices. Well, if you think you can bargain and strike the deal at even lesser price, you go girl! We believe in you! They add beauty and richness to your decor.

  1. Bead Chains with Diwali Lights!

They are a great fit for a backdrop or a breathtaking entrance. They can also be hanged from tree branches of jhulas. If they are combined with diwali lights OH! What a great sight it will be! Again, you can find them at reasonable rates on amazon.in.

  1. Tassel Garlands: DIY

They are easy to make and quite friendly for the pocket. Stay tuned for our upcoming blog about DIY Mehendi Decor where we will be talking about on how to make it these stunning DIYs.

  1. Tents as the new chairs?

These tents are cute and easy to make with a couple of dupattas and bamboo. The tents are different from the usual chairs while providing extra comfort.


  1. The dreamcatchers because your dream came true!

A simple wooden board can be used as your backdrop with numerous dreamcatchers hung to it with some floral decorations. It can be colourful or of one colour. It depends on your taste.



  1. Artifical flowers

Artifical flowers are more of a better option for a cheap floral look. You can get expensive flowers at lower rates which will create the same look! You can combine artificial flowers and real flowers which will work like wonders.

  1. The Umbrella World

If you love the umbrella theme you can find pack of 10 Ethnic print umbrellas to spice up your decor on amazon.in at Rs. 2,073.

  1. Earthen pots

You can stuff the marigold flowers string in the earthen pots instead of brass or copper ones to get the overflowing flowers design at cheaper rates!


  1. Ribbons

Ribbons tied to the chair or hanging to from the ceiling both are a perfect way to use ribbons to decorate your function.


They can even make a great backdrop


                                              Saving few bucks won’t hurt any ducks!

                                        Shaadi Season wishes you a Happy Married Life!


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