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                               Popular Indian Wedding Myths

Indian weddings are known for its beauty and grand celebration. To make it the perfect experience every belief is followed religiously. These beliefs have been passed on from generations.

Myths and superstitions come with every tradition. They are the false beliefs adopted by the people to explain a ritual or a social phenomenon. According to our ancestors, these beliefs protect the couple from the evil eye and make their relationship smooth and prosperous for seven lives. Some Indian wedding myths are downright hilarious while some of them are thought provoking.

  • 11 Popular Indian wedding myths and superstitions
  1. Manglik women are a curse?

According to this myth, Manglik brides are considered to be dangerous for the grooms as they are believed to be the cause of early death of the groom. The manglik brides are married to a dog or a tree first, to eliminate and shift the bad effects off to them. Due to this, it is believed that the groom’s life is saved.


  1. The Milk spills!

The boiling milk is instructed to be kept at a close sight at all costs. Milk spill is a bad omen in a marriage house. If the milk spills on the pre wedding days it is believed as the arrival of some misfortune for the couple.


  1. Don’t see each other before..

The going to be married groom and bride are not allowed to see each other on the pre-marriage days as they might not end up together for lifetime if they catch a glimpse of each other. To summarise it all, it is believed that the marriage would fail if they see each other before the big day.


  1. Colour decides the luck!

As per the gossips in the mehndi ceremony, after the mehndi is dried and washed off, it is believed that the darker the mehndi colour is the luckier the bride will be. The groom’s love is decided through the colour of the stain the mehndi leaves.


  1. Right foot first

As a part of the Indian tradition, When the bride enters the groom’s house after the wedding, she is instructed to enter with her right foot first as it is supposed to bring wealth, prosperity and fortune in the house. Right foot leads to the right direction?


  1. Mirror break

It is considered as a bad omen if the mirror breaks in the wedding house. A mirror holds the projection or reflection of one’s self and breaking of the mirror means breaking of one’s soul. In some cases, it even means seven years of bad luck for the couple.


  1. Don’t let the Diadie

As depicted in the dramatized Indian daily soaps, if in the wedding house the dia shuts off due to no reason at all then it means that misfortune is near for the close ones. All the rituals are to be conducted with more caution and positive intentions.


  1. No Sindoor? No age!

In Indian weddings, Sindoor is one of the important things that tie the knot for the couple. It is assumed that the groom doesn’t live a long life if the bride doesn’t apply sindoor after the marriage. The sindoor symbolises longevity of the groom.Sindoor also brings good fortune and activates the chakra in the forehead.


  1. Rainbow and black cat

Seeing a rainbow and a black cat during the pre-wedding days means luck, prosperity and fortune. On the other hand, the bride should avoid open graves and pigs during her wedding days, as it is considered to bring bad luck.


  1. Don’t lend your marriage dress!

We are always warned by our mothers and grandmothers to not lend our wedding dress to other brides. It might seem weirdbut they have a reason to back it up. According to them, it brings bad luck to the lender and shifts the good luck to the borrower.


  1. Sharp metal objects as a Companion!

In several Hindu traditions, as soon as the groom and the bride are engaged, the bride is handed a sharp metal object or a knife. If she successfully keeps it to herself until her wedding then it is believed that she can protect herself.


                                     Debunking the myths and superstitions!

                         Shaadi Season wishes you a Happy Married Life!


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