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                                                          FAB Outfit Ideas for Your Bridesmaids!

                                                                                                                -Why should brides have all the fun?


Attending your BFF’s wedding but cannot decide what to wear on your BFF’s big day? You were planning her wedding since you met her but failed to think about your own outfit? Don’t worry, we got you!

Shaadi Season understands what an important place a bridesmaid hold for the bride.  You bridesmaids take charge of every personal work of the bride. From emotionally supporting her when she couldn’t fit in her dream bridal dress to holding back your tears when she was leaving, you guys do it all!

We will make sure that you also look the best because you deserve it!

  1. Bridesmaids in VIBGYOR

As after the storm a rainbow appears, leaving this jolly feeling in our hearts. Likewise, bridesmaids are the positive light which holds the bride together when the storm hits! So, why not make them into one?


  1. Blue Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are as understanding as the blues! You can incorporate blue in anarkali suits or saris or lehengas to not only pop out and share some of the spotlight but also leave a calming vibe wherever you go!

  1. The Power Purples

Purple is an underrated colour. It symbolises nobility, power, royalty and luxury. You look instagram ready with the purple! Swing your hair, Twirl around and show that pretty smile because you’re wearing purple!


  1. The Glamour girls

Look ramp ready with these breathtaking outfits! Match your footwear if you cannot match your outfit. An outfit like this doesn’t need no makeup, no heavy accessory because the dress is enough to showcase your beauty.  The silver shimmer LOOKS JUST WOW!



  1. Yellow! Yellow! What a BEAUTIFUL Fellow!

Yellow is the most vibrant colour and can add life to any picture. It combines perfectly with other shades.


  1. The Vibrant Bridesmaids

If the wedding theme is a colourful one or it’s the time for the mehendi ceremony, these vibrant sarees are the greatest bets to match the vibe and have the most fun!


  1. Do it the peplum style

This is the trending most loved style by all. It can be incorporated to any outfit whether that is a lehenga or a Punjabi suit. You can not only twirl your lehenga but your peplum as well. We love this unique style!


  1. The Whites for the pure bridesmaids

White is no longer a ‘not quite a shaadi shade’ for the hindu marriages! It adds beauty and uplifts the aura of the ceremony. White is considered to be the purest of them all and we don’t see why not!


  1. Red is not only for the bride!

Breaking all the rules yet again! Not only the bride but the bridesmaids are also rocking the red. Spice up your specials!


  1. Mirror! Mirror! On the cloth, who is the perfect of them all?!

You can also opt for the damn beautiful outfits with mirror work and silver shimmer as it looks equally pleasing and gorgeous like the other outfits! Adding stars to your yaars!


  1. The beautiful Sharara!

After seeing Alia Bhatt rocking that sharara at her best friend’s wedding, we believe it’s a gorgeous choice for wedding ceremonies.


  1. Not all superheroes wear capes but bridesmaids do!

The bridesmaids are the super heroes, believe it or not. They manage everything for the bride. They work their hardest to make the marriage a dream come true. Bridesmaids are like proud mothers because they have seen her grow into a beautiful liberal woman.


  1. The Pinkies

Dressing up your bridesmaids with a pink lehenga and golden blouse is a great choice for a minimalist look! Simple is the new style statement.


  1. Sabyasachi For The Cool bridesmaids

This is modern-hippie outfit for the cool bridesmaids. Pair a floral lehenga with a stripped casual top with a sleek hairstyle. Pop those shades to look cool.



“I have been with you from the start and I’ll be with you till the end.”

Shaadi Season Wishes You a Happy Married Life!

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