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                                                     15 Best Mehndi Giveaways!

Bored with gifting bangles on your mehndi ceremony? Shaadi Season has got your back!

The new gift list has gotten interesting and fun to share with all your guests. Something that they won’t end up tossing in their cupboards and leaving it there till you mention it. Gifts are great only when the other one can use it. Aren’t they?

Gifts are a great of expressing your gratitude towards your guests! Shaadi Season has curated 15 Best Mehndi Giveaways which doesn’t include bangles AT ALL! Yes! You read that right!

  1. Mini mirror jewellery boxes

This is the perfect gift for your girls. It is petite and cute as a favour for mehendi. Indian tradition has a beauty of its own and the box speaks the tradition through its gorgeous mirrors and sparkles. You can give it empty or if you have the tradition to never gift empty boxes then you can resort to adding some cookies or cake in it.

  1. Clutches

I mean who doesn’t like a clutch in their hands? It’s a purse but a fancier version of it. It will be such a treat to see your guests using these fancy shamcy clutches to beautify their wardrobes. Clutches are never a no go, trust us. Everybody likes a clutch of their own.

  1. Ethnic dupattas

Remember pairing all white outfits with colour dupattas? It is a great mehndi favour as it can lift up even a plain and simple outfit to a chic, outgoing and of a fashion blogger one! These dupattas can always come in handy of your girls and it can also be down a memory lane for you when you see them wearing it.

  1. Jutti

These juttis can never go out of style due to its connectivity with the Indian culture. If you have ever noticed, all the juttis are filled with vibrant colours and jewels to make them alluring while sticking with the traditions. These are a great fit of your mehndi giveaway list! 

  1. Make up pouches

I still remember my brother complaining about my ‘full of makeup’ dresser and my mom scolding me about the 5th broken make up brush of the month. These dorky and funky make up pouches can hide away the girls’ entire make up stash at one place. Your girl squad will never lose or break till its last breath as it’s zipped away. Your guests will have a part of your mehndi memory as a makeup pouch. Isn’t it the best mehndi giveaway?

  1. Essential oils


The essential oils from nykaa.com are one of the best mehndi giveaways for your guests.  They are pocket friendly and as far as the quality is concerned, the reviews speak at the loudest voice for these. These are great and effective for your skin or hair. Who doesn’t love a great skincare routine? 

  1. Printed Teracotta pots

Teracotta pots are cute little beings hanging around on this earth. They can be coloured and decorated to make them fit for any decor. Cultural arts are the main preferences on the pots as it breaks the WOW meter. Teracotta pots can be used as flower pots, storage pots, candle holders or just as decorates. These are useful and ecofriendly mehndi giveways!

  1. Seeds flower seeds or vegetable seeds

This is another idea for an Eco friendly mehndi giveaway. You can gift seeds as mehndi favours to your guests. The seeds can be either to grow a vegetable or a flower it’s totally upto you. Every guest means one plant. Daamn! That’s a lot of plants!

  1. Henna Candles

Candles are also an appreciable mehndi giveaway. But don’t use the plain old candles when you can buy Mehndi themed candles at reasonable prices or You can create beautiful designs through a mehndi cone by yourself! Henna printed candles are a tremendous way to incorporate your tang of Mehndi ceremony in people’s minds. Candles will light up the house of your guests and the henna will make sure your guests never forget your beautiful and mindful mehndi favor!

  1. Tealight

You can find cute, classy, ethnic printed tea lights on amazon.in ₹400 onwards. Tea lights are also regarded as wonderful mehndi giveway. This mehndi favour is a first rate way to make your guests go WOW!

  1. Ethnic Earrings

We know you might be thinking that this is such a simple and common idea but it can end up being the best mehndi giveaway idea ever! Guests are always ready for a pretty pair of earrings. Every girl has the biggest earrings collection and still they are never enough. You can gift ethnic or the most different earrings that you can find. Your girls will love the rings for their ear!


  1. Floral anklet

Of course! How can we forget about floras! They are everywhere! They are in everyone’s wishlist! They are the prettiest addition to the jewelry industry. Being so pretty yet cost friendly! If you are interested in buying you can head over to our blog where you cn buy breathtaking floral jewellery under ₹1500. So why gift them as a mehndi favour?


  1. Ceramic bowls

The Rajasthani prints and Iranian prints are something to die for! From clothes to bowls and cutlery they look gorgeous on everything! Like all the traditional and ethnic Mehndi Giveaway ideas I second these ones also. They are gorgeous!! And 100% giftable!

  1. Jute bags/ ethnic bags 200

Eco friendly Mehndi Giveaway idea again! Instead of plastics and leathers shaadi season believes in eco friendly Giveaways. Jute bags can also be flaunted as those stylish tote bags or handbags. They follow a style statement of their own!

  1. Hand mirrors 300

Ethnic mirrors can be a great addition to your makeup stash. You need a retouch? Your mehndi giveaway mirror is here! Never miss a touch up!

                                           “Gifts are a sign of gratitude!”

                            Shaadi season wishes you a Happy Married Life!

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