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                        10 Creative Ideas for a Wondrous Sangeet Night

Guess the most fun ceremony of wedding? No doubt! Sangeet night is the musical night before the auspicious wedding day. Formerly, sangeet was strictly, a girl’s musical night but now the times have changed. The rules have been broken for good!

Both the families come together before the big day to share the excitement and fun with each other. This is a perfect opportunity for both sides to deepen their bond before the groom and bride tie the knot. Sangeet doesn’t necessarily mean dancing at popping songs with your girl gang.

You can add a lot of spice to your musical dreamy night!

  •     10 Creative Ideas For an amazing Sangeet Night: Shaadi Season

  1. Who’s more likely to?

Want to test the bond between the bride and the groom? You can! This is a fun and interesting game for a sangeet night to test how well you know each other. ‘Who’s more likely to’ is also popularly known as the shoe game. The bride and the groom are sat facing their backs and both of them have one sandal and one shoe. Sandal stands for bride and shoe stands for groom. The sandal or shoe is lifted after the question is asked to answer ‘who’s more likely to do it?’ And if they lift the same footwear, it’s a match!


  1. Dance Off bridesmaids and groomsmen

The bridesmaids and groomsmen can prepare a stormily exciting dance routine to flaunt their jolly moves on the sangeet night. Set the stage on fire with the epic dance off! Show them who runs the stage!


  1. Outfit Change Idea

How about changing clothes for a comfortable experience? Embroidered lehenga falls heavy on your body restricting your swift moves and dimming your sangeet zeal. Changing your clothes to a light flared lehenga won’t hurt your killer moves. Glide with your lehenga on your sangeet night!


  1. Passing the parcel

Bring the childhood fun back with passing the parcel. The rules remain the same, pass the parcel till the song sings and when the song stops the person with the parcel has to sing or dance to the most voted song by the participants. Why not bring the childhood fun back to your sangeet?


  1. Dumb charades

Remember those times spent guessing the movie right? You can incorporate this jolly game to your amazing sangeet idea list. The idea remains the same but the team has to guess the right movie from the signature dance moves of the movie. Difficult yet exciting right?


  1. Antakshari

The classic cultural music fest with close ones is what antakshari is! Antakshari is one of those games which are FOR ALL! Everybody enjoys the homemade ‘Indian Idol’. This is an open ground for all the non singers to sing their hearts out without any judgements. Sangeet without an antakshari round is considered incomplete.


  1. Block heels or flats

Don’t run around without your sandals as you can hurt your happy feet. Instead of going free feet resort to flats. If you’re a short girl who wants to look tall then block heels is the best possible option for you. Adding few inches to your height won’t hurt your happy feet as more space exerts less pressure.


  1. Karoke night

Well! This doesn’t need a lot of explanation but does need a lot of singing so, grab that mic and sing the sangeet night away.


  1. Dance on spot

Dance on spot is similar as our nerve wrecking english JAM (Just a minute). Put the spotlight on any random person in the crowd and when the dj beats the person has to move those feet, till the spotlight is shifted to other dancing diva.


  1. Interesting drinks & food

In Indian wedding functions, most guests come to fill up their stomachs with deliciousness. Why not let their tongues remember the taste of your sangeet night? Renovate the menu with interestingly funny food and drinks. You can hire a mixologist who can serve surprisingly crazy drinks to the guests and a chef who can add a different tang to the boring food.


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                                                    Have fun on the rhythm!

                           Shaadi Season wishes you a Happy Married Life!

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